About Aya Natural

Aya Natural LTD established in 2004, develops, manufactures and sells soap bars, cleansers and skin care products all of which are based on Extra Virgin/Virgin olive oil (food quality). Aya Natural brings more than 500 years old knowledge that taught from one generation to another “blended” with tradition and heritage of the Druze community in Israel’s Galilee. In additions Aya Natural adheres three fundamental bases which set the philosophical ground for Aya’s core existence:Tradition: 500 years old knowledge Health: All products are 100% natural, no use of chemicals and no animal testing. Nature: Preserving nature – clean manufacturing process, no air and water pollution.In addition, Aya Natural is women employer factory production, office and managerial positions are occupied by women all of which living in the village. This part of Aya’s believe of social responsibilities creating jobs for local people.

Our goal is to create and deliver to our customers, mild, lovely, natural products that are made without petrochemical ingredients, and by a unique natural method that retains all of the oil’s vitamins, fatty acids and nourishing characteristics.Our company strives to maintain a friendly, fair, and creative team which respects diversity, new ideas, and hard work.